About Me

img_0363i’ve created a life that lets me experience as much as possible.

hi, i’m journey temple and i want to travel the world. most of my life i’ve lived in tucson, arizona. up until this year i lived a fairly standard life with little access to alternative education. i am now 18 and breaking down and reanalysing my norm. pushing myself in odd ways like living with 13 other interdependent young adventurers, working 23 hours a day at a summer camp and once living out of a car for the 11 days i went without a shower. its all about the experience, right?

i am growing. i feel more and more connected to nature every day. i am challenging the ideas society has implanted in me. i learn continuously how to create healthy relationships. i eat fresh foods. i engage in deep conversations with peers and mentors equally. i hear and am heard.

the things i enjoy cover a wide array. while home i love my job working with kids. the art i practice includes; poetry, sketching, watercolor, and an abundance of photography. i also love being outdoors hiking, biking and enjoying the simple pleasure of walking as a main mode of transport. i also dabble in partner dancing and some crossfit, parkour and acrobatic circus.

i love learning and community and the world i face. follow my life, writing, and art along the way.

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