img_0363ABOUT ME

i’ve created a life that allows me experience as much as possible and allows me to create based on all my experiences. welcome to the site that allows me to examine that lifestyle.

hi, i’m journey temple. most of my life i’ve lived in tucson, arizona. up until 2016 year i lived a fairly standard stagnant life. i am now 18 and have spent the last year breaking down and reanalyzing my norm, traveling and growing. pushing myself in odd ways like living with 13 other interdependent young adventurers, working 23 hours a day at a summer camp and once living out of a car for 11 days without a shower. its all about the experience, right?

my current adventure puts me in art school in boston. dorm, college, big city living. it seem to be all about the polarity and extremes for me, doesn’t it.

the things i enjoy cover a wide array. the art i practice includes; poetry, sketching, painting, and photography. i also love being outdoors, hiking, biking and enjoying the simple pleasure of getting lost, trying that cafe i come across in the process. i also dabble in partner dancing, parkour, rock climbing, acrobatics and long walks.

i love learning and community and the world i face. follow my life, writing, and art along the way. oh yeah.